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Fishing with Black Moose

With its abundance of sheltered bays and small islands, the area north of Red Lake is especially famous for its trophy walleye, northern pike and lake trout. It’s an angler’s paradise offering endless opportunities for world-class fishing, shore lunches and record-breaking angling successes. Fasten your seatbelts for the fly-in fishing experience of a lifetime.

Daily harvest & possession limits*

Walleye & Sauger

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Open Angling Dates Jan. 1 through Apr. 14, and 3rd Sat. in May thru Dec. 31
Full License 4
Conservation License 2
Legal Size Restrictions & Black Moose Policy Only one (1) may be longer than 46 cm (18.1 in). Please release all walleye over 18 inches.


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Open Angling Dates Open all year except Dec. 24
Full License 4
Conservation License 2
Legal Size Restrictions & Black Moose Policy None (0) between 70 and 90 cm (27.5 – 35.4 in). Only one (1) may be longer than 90 cm (35.4 in). Please release all northern over 27 inches.

LAKE Trout

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Open Angling Dates XX
Full License 2
Conservation License 1
Legal Size Restrictions & Black Moose Policy No size Limit except during September. One of which may exceed 22 inches. Please release all trout over 22 inches.

*This is the total number of fish you may keep per day and possess on any day, whether in your boat or in your camp. This limit also includes the fish consumed that day.

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Fishing FAQ

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What is required in order to go fishing at one of your camps?

You will need a valid Ontario Outdoors Card and a fishing license. We are glad to help organize this for you upon request.

What fees apply?

Black Moose Outposts promotes ‘Catch and Live Release’. Therefore we will provide you with a free Conservation Fishing License if you choose to not take fish home to your place of residence. The cost of a Sport License can be added to your bill. Find out more here:

Can we order bait through Black Moose Outpost?

No, we do not sell bait at Black Moose Outposts. However, we will help you with your bait orders. We work with local bait shops to ensure you have good quality bait for your fishing adventures. Please note that live bait is not allowed at our Northern Camps. Please inquire with our team for more information.

Do I have to bring my own life jacket?

No, you do not need to bring your own life jacket. We have new life preservers for all our guests. Please advise in advance if you will need youth sizes.

Are boats and gas included in your rates?

Yes we provide 1 aluminum boat with swivel seats and outboard motor for every 2 persons per boat with no limit on gasoline use. So for cabins with a capacity of 10 people we will provide a minimum of 5 boats plus one spare boat and motor. This is included in your overall trip price.

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